Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's raining again. Maybe this is the year for the 100 year flood? Maybe not. There isn't a lot of snow left up in the mountains. The best thing that is happening is that the reservoirs are filling again.

We got our first delivery of the season from Monroe Organic Farm. This week was simply lettuce, summer squash, turnips, garlic, and new potatoes. The new potatoes will make up part of supper tonight along with some broiled porkchops.

The garden is in bloom and the Plums and Apples are little green things right now. We are in Lavender and Roses time now. And Honeysuckle like I haven't seen before in my yard. The smell is heavenly.

This year the urge to go out of town is absent, so no trips to Crestone or Glenwood Springs so far. Glenwood Springs later, when the nights get a little cooler so we can see the misty tornados rising off the water.

Still working on "Cold Mountain" and just started "Stranger in a Strange Land" (a re-read after many years). Life is good and I'm enjoying the details immensely.