Sunday, September 05, 2004

I saw winter today. Several months ago, we booked a couple of rooms in Vail to see Lance Armstrong at a pro cycling race. The race was cancelled and our reservations could not be, so Sweetie and I took a couple of days off to ride up I-70. We've always whizzed by Vail on our way to Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool but never stayed there. It's fine. Reminded me a little of the European parts of Disneyworld, but it's fine. The walk along the creek is nice.
Last night we went to sleep to rain and woke up to a dusting of snow but going over Vail Pass we saw real winter. Not just a dusting of snow on the the evergreens, but a couple of inches on the ground. It cleared out a bit but picked up again at the Eisenhower Tunnel.
Luckily, the sun came out as we rolled into home sweet home.