Monday, November 22, 2004

We are losing about 2-3 minutes of sunlight every day now. The Sun is officially setting at 4:39pm now and since we are next to the mountains, probably earlier. The good news is that I can see the sunrise now around 6am when Roxie wakes up. Several weeks ago we moved from the west side of the house to the east and now I have the dawn and Venus and full moons out my window. I can see the tops of the foothills out the other window.

My days are organized around a puppy's puddles and piles these days. Luckily, Sugar is off a lot now that the season is winding down and we can coordinate work hours so we can get her outside every couple of hours. One benefit of having her in our home (beside the intoxicating puppy breath) is that I get to spend more time outside and enjoy the leaves on the ground and the snow that's come and gone and the birds at dusk and the quiet and lovely dawn. I would have these during the summer but usually in the winter, I'm driven inside by a lack of affinity for the cold.

Life is good.