Sunday, May 01, 2005

Roxie started sleeping in our room in a crate next to the bed then established a routine of sleeping on the floor until 6am and spending the last hour or so with us in bed.

Yesterday, Hansel was invited to sleep in our room for the first time after several nights downstairs with Sugar. He and Roxie played on the bed until he growled at her when she approached me. No, no way, Hansel. We love you but here, in this bedroom, she is the Princess. She has earned her right to cuddle with me. You can be the focus of her attention and alpha elsewhere if you want, but The Rox rules in the bedroom.

We left them alone downstairs together for an hour today while we went out. We have to establish some kind of normalcy since Sweetie and Sugar are going to Norway this week (Hummingbird at the feeder outside with a foot of snow on the ground) and my life must go on anyway. We found out what kind of commotion 2 dogs left in the front hall can create when we left them before. (That hummingbird isn't hovering, just perching there sucking the sugar water down. I hope he's warm enough.)

I am sick of cold and snow. Enough already. My yard has never been muddier.