Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I can hear the crickets outside now. It's a cloudy late summer morning along the Front Range. Recently we found a great little solar water fountain at Plow and Hearth and it's changed the feel of the front yard. We just filled a galvanized tub with water and plunked it in - when the sun came out the next day, it started up. If it drifts into the shade of the fence post, the spray stops. Then starts right back up when it drifts back. I think about 1/2 inch evaporates every day.

This has been a year for garden projects. We cleaned out and mulched the front walk (well, we're half way done), finished the front fence, put the fountain in. Sweetie put in some pavers on the west side of the house that look nice and we put in a little fountain that I got for half price at King Soopers. We found a way to install a garden umbrella so we have a some shade on the front terraced area. Planted a grape for Sweetie and a Mountain Mahogany. I think I have a Rue bush out back - there was no label. If it is, it'll come in handy to ward off curses on the home. Oh, and hollyhocks - planted 3 of them after visiting the Hollyhock House in Hollywood. We expanded and neatened up the compost pile in the front yard.

I found a great garden center in Lafayette that has some amazing plants on sale. Last year I got a garden mirror there that I love. Had it up by the front door, but the high winds knocked it down so I brought it inside.

The other great pleasure of the summer has been long walks with the pups and swimming.

All in all, a great summer - lots of production.