Saturday, September 10, 2005

How interesting. I found this tool that tracks visitors to a website using Google Maps. My first trackee was out of San Diego. The map is a little harder to manipulate than regular Google Maps but it looks like you can get it down to a neighborhood. Now how would Google know where someone is viewing a webpage from? But I checked - they just arbitrarily position the pin on a street in the town.
Hmm. Interesting and entertaining.

I noticed that the crepuscule arrived by 7:45 or so tonight. Doesn't the process of day lengthening and shortening seem to lurch at times? Suddenly it's dark so early.

It looks like we'll be leaving for Baton Rouge in a couple of days to help with the relief effort. Some items I've been gathering might help out - like a solar powered/hand crank radio and a solar shower. I'm really drawn toward helping the helpers somehow and really wondering what it's going to be like.