Sunday, October 09, 2005

When we went to help out in Mississippi, we worked with these Volunteer Ministers. I became aware of the Scientology Disaster Team when the World Trade Towers fell - I heard that Scientologists were on the ground early on helping the responders. They did all sorts of backup administrative work, counseling, and cleanup. I knew groups would show up to the California fires and a good number helped with the Tsunami victims. They were called up to help with the hurricanes last year in Florida.

I didn't have any idea what to expect when we went to Baton Rouge to hook up with the VMs. I found out a group had shown up in NO with a doctor and they started administering tetnus shots for the rescue workers. Other groups were helping in clean up and manning shelters. As more VMs arrived from around the country, groups were sent to Gulfport and surrounding towns to help out. We were with the Ga. National Guard for one night (the crew had been there longer) where we gave them assists to give them some relief and help them sleep better. Touch assists can help with aches and pains, locationals can help a person come into the present, nerve assists can help free up blocked energy in a body - they can be learned online at assists. The next day, we went with the group to Pass Christian to see what help we could offer and were able to give some assists to the medical volunteers there.
Some people were off cutting tree trunks out of houses or cleaning out refrigerators for people. There was a need for help that is unprecedented in the US.

There is so much work to be done still. One saying kept coming to mind: "Don't let the best be the enemy of the good." by Voltaire. So many complaints from the media about the slow pace of the recovery but the logistics are mind boggling. Imagine any major project you might do in your home and the level of confront and action it takes to make it happen. Subtract funds to do the project, add the shock of loss of your home and belongings and income, add as well, sweltering heat and humidity, take away air conditioning and electricity for the most part and comforts you're used to. Multiply by 500,000 people? There you have the current situation.

It changes your perspective.