Friday, March 03, 2006

Amtrak :::sigh:::

I love to travel by train but Amtrak is so uneven in its presentation. Sometimes it's a great trip and sometimes it's dirty, stinky and slow as molasses. If someone has a heart attack in the middle of nowhere, the train stops and waits a couple of hours for an ambulance. Some of the back country scenery is staggeringly beautiful. The food is way overpriced. The club car has terrific 360ยบ views. The seats are nice and wide but if you have a crabby old lady from Back East next to you complaining all the way, well, that's no fun. You have to remember to take a jacket or a blanket because it gets chilly at night.

I roped Sugar into travelling with me to LA by train for this trip. Looking forward to it. We were offered a cheap upgrade to a sleeper with meals included so this trip should great!

LA, here we come.