Friday, June 23, 2006

Maybe having 2 kinds of salt shakers next to the computer is an indicator of something?

I'm considering how I want my house, now that we have one less roommate. It seems sort of ruthless to turn Honey's room into a gym or entertainment room, since he may want to come back after the lease is up. But when Sweetie moved out, suddenly, his room was our office, filled with books and tapes and the filing cabinet. When he slept over, he was on the floor or on the couch. Roxie decided to pee on the big empty floor but Hansel still doesn't venture in there. Maybe I'll make it into a guest room, something we've never had.

First there's work to be done - clean up the vestiges of Honey's stay here, take his motley collection of furniture that he left behind over to the dump, paint the walls an adult vanilla shade of white, and then move into the new phase. I think it will include cable somehow.

There is something about summer that brings all sorts of projects to light. So much to do before the equinox!