Friday, July 07, 2006

Sugar wanted the carpets cleaned for real so the carpet cleaners came and went. With Honey's move-out and all our furniture off the carpet, I'm getting a sense of space in this house that I've been craving - but not knowing I've been craving. With the furniture gone, there's no excuse for not changing the wall colors in some rooms so I've been working on that. The paint only goes as far as I can reach, though, since I insist that Sug has to do the high parts.

When Sweetie moved out a couple of years ago, we moved into the east bedroom and I love the sunrise and the garden view. The little burble from the solar fountain makes it's way up there. All I want to put back in that room is my big maroon chair over by the window.

We've been sleeping in the living room on the futon which is a nice change but it's a little too eccentric to last. The dogs like it.

I love summer. Raining now outside. Nighttime. Windows open and the fans running. Marvin Gaye on I-Tunes.