Thursday, August 10, 2006

August is barrelling right on through and it's almost mid-month. The business is slowing just slightly, but mainly because a couple our guys are not around. One went to work at Gaiam, one went home to work with his parents for a few months. More flow in and will replace them but these 2 will be missed.

Most of our projects are wrapping up. Still working on the interior paint jobs and still need to get the exact color for the outside. You would think that 'Barn Red' would be a universal color, but it's not.

Things have settled out with Honey being gone. He understands now that we all feel better when he is working and we do need to hear his voice every few days. Sweetie has been around more since he is working for us and shares a lot of our interests. We went to the church in Denver the other day to help organize the central files area.

Dogs are fine.

It's so friggin' hot. The heat from the computer is even too much tonight.