Thursday, December 07, 2006

I found this Scottie at The Pet Set . Pretty darn cute. More Scotties in the new Bark magazine on the Amanda Jones ad.

Most of the snow has melted in town but it's still on the ground at home. This is the last year I'm going to struggle with the back walkway - it's going to be paved somehow by next winter, either with flagstone or concrete or something.

Plans for the rest of the year include 1) finishing the end of the year promo for the biz 2) getting all tax stuff in order 3) using up my Rec Center pass 4) reading "State of Fear" by M Crichton 5) reading 2 books about edible gardening 6) working on the house-painting project if the air warms up 7)continuing to dekludge.

Holiday plans include: The Boulder Piano Quartet at the Library; Ars Nova, also at the Library (ok, it's free); finding a Wii for Sweetie; getting Honey's Ipod; party at the Mission; and our annual Christmas Eve Chinese Feast and Christmas Day at Eldora.

The lights and tree are up since I followed my neighbor's lead and started the day after Thanksgiving. It sure is a lot easier when not much is done.

2 more weeks to go till the Earth starts tilting back to normal.