Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There is so much wildlife this time of year. A little spotted fawn started walking up my sidewalk (where the best snacks are) then decided to check out the feast next door. Bees are swarming the Blue Mist Spirea and the birds are chattering all over the place. Last week a little red fox darted out in front of me during an early morning walk and a couple of snakes have slithered by during my weeding frenzies. The back yard is a real aviary since a bird bath went in, more than at the feeder.

Honey and Sweetie took off today on a jaunt to Chicago. Sweetie has travelled a fair amount but Honey is someone who prefers to stay close to home. Chicago was Honey's choice - something about tattoos, art, and hot dogs. I can testify, the best hot dog I ever ate was at the train station in that town.