Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I re-set my Amtrak ticket back about a week to return to Colorado the day after Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to boarding the train Thanksgiving evening and riding in what will probably be an empty train. Should be interesting.

This change allows me to have Tgiving with Honey before I leave him to fend for himself in Hollywood. He knows the route to Trader Joe's & In-N-Out and that the Vista and Los Feliz 3 have $5 matinees, so he should be ok.

Really enjoying Fall in the 90027 zip code. Really enjoying the neighborhood and the vibes.
aaaaarrrrrgggh...they changed the train route so that the bus connection happens in Albuquerque, not Raton. That means a 7 hour bus trip to Denver. After all these letters to Congress to save Amtrak and all these trips back and forth this will totally bust my future plans. At least I got a few free trips with the Amtrak card.