Sunday, April 06, 2008

Last week we got a letter from the Boulder Planning Department telling us that our outside light fixtures are not kosher since they don't have covers on them.   They are about 21 years late in letting us know but what the hay?  I had my suspicions about the letter since it was stuck in our box with no stamp and it wasn't on city letterhead, but so what.   I do wonder if someone from the city drives around after sunset to see which citizens are using light bulbs illegally.

The next day, a neighbor stopped by while I was outside pulling weeds and introduced himself as the HOA president from across the street (their HOA, not mine).  He said that we would be getting a certified letter in the mail to remind us that They own the strip of land next to the street and We don't.  Yes, we know that - we have been mowing the strip since for 21 years for the privilege of having our mailbox there.  He said it was a friendly way of making sure that we know that We don't own it but They do. Please, take it! I'm tired of mowing it!

That adverse possession case has gotten people spooked around here. Paying property taxes and having a deed to the property isn't enough these days.