Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I was home today when the lady and man from from the zoning office came by. I just hate to see an unannounced car from the city parking outside my house. It's funny that they parked in order to come in our back door, as the rest of the world seems to do. Our front door is clearly a front door - we just don't use it since the back door is by the driveway. Given a choice between an un-gated nice concrete sidewalk with flower beds on either side and a gravel driveway with an old gate with 2 territorial Scotties making all sort of noise, which would you choose?

Long story short, we can't park our trucks here or have any employees come here ever again. The trucks are normally parked at another location but we are known to leave one here overnight from time to time. As they were speaking, my mind wandered to all the home businesses that we have around us with employees coming in all the time.

The notable point of this is that we've been doing this here for 15 years, and for a long time we parked our trucks here. It's only been since a neighbor moved in nearby that we've had any complaints about our lifestyle. Most of our neighbors love us as we do them. I guess now is the time to start loving the new guy, too, so he won't feel so lonely.