Friday, January 09, 2004

Driving out to DIA to pick up my guys, I saw flocks and flocks of geese in multiple "Vee" formations. Breathtaking. I hadn't been out to the airport for a while so the magnitude of the sky and endless plains captured me flat out.

The birds reminded me of a trip to the San Luis Valley to see the Sandhill cranes. We got up before dawn on a freezing March morning and took off to the fields to find the birds. When light barely started to appear above the Sangre de Cristo Mtns, we saw some motion and pulled over. It was dark but we could hear the rustling and a sort of burbling - some constant liquid sounds the birds were making. As the sun came up we could see there were hundreds of cranes resting in the fields and more flying in from the south and east. It was breathtaking and unforgettable.