Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sheesh. I just read that New Hampshire leads the world in per capita use of Ritalin in schools. I'm surprised since I associate kid-drugging with metropolitan areas for some reason. Though a news story comes to mind about rural people getting more funding for their kids if they are labeled psychologically "disabled" in some way. Such a pity.

For parents who want to help their kids who are struggling, there are so many options these days. A change of environment for the child can do wonders. Homeschooling, a change of schools or teachers - whatever it takes. A change of diet can help. Making sure the child understands the words he is reading and can apply the information he learns. There are so many options to explore before making a child drug-dependent in order to live life.

I found this alternative mental health site for people who think there really is a mental health problem that needs to be addressed.

Here's hoping that the drug manufacturers won't be the ones who will be running the planet in the next decade.