Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's January 7th and I'm watering the yard out of necessity, not out of pleasure. We've had record snows in the mountains but it is so dry here on the plains. Dry and dusty winters are not my favorites.
On the other hand, it makes for pleasurable outings with the dogs. Bikers and walkers and joggers abound.

Someone recently asked me what my future holds. Gee, I'm not sure beyond an upcoming empty nest. This is an odd time of life for me. I always had future goals and plans for myself mocked up till I had kids. Their needs were so prodigious and I was so fascinated with the process of child raising that I'm just noticing how much of my attention has been wrapped up in this family.

I've been keeping an eye on the rest of the world but it surely looks different now that I can give it my full attention.

My next project? Mankind.