Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hm. I just read a flash flood warning for Boulder County and was disappointed to read further and find out that it was mainly Jefferson County. I don't want any flood here but some regular rain would be very nice. This year Boulder started charging us for the amount of water we use and while we've been waaaayyy below their projections for us, I have a feeling that watering this month will put us over the top.

We have an atypical yard with some buffalo grass, some grass from the old K-Mart (which was where the Safeway is now) but mainly the field grass that was there when we built a long while ago. From a distance it looks sort of lawn-ish, but it's not a barefoot kind of place. I did dig the cacti out and moved them to a dry place where they are blooming big & yellow for the first time ever. I have chicory and yarrow and some rabbit ears throughout the front yard which would be a meadow if someone had not reported us to the city for an unmowed yard.

It took a while, but now the neighbors express their appreciation for the 'country' feel to the yard as they walk by the compost by the front fence. The least I can do it try to keep it green.