Sunday, May 16, 2004

I thought I was some kind of artist till I went to see Julia Cameron speak. Something about her message woke me to the fact that I don't have any urgent message to share with the world in the form of some specific presentation. I do want to effect change, but not in the customary forms of art. That was that.

In some primitive cultures, art isn't considered a separate activity but is more infused into everyday living. Maybe that's what I've been doing - using my whole life as a form of self expression. But everybody does that, don't they? That would make us all artists in one form or another. One difference is whether or not it's done consciously, right?

I had lots of time for drawing and writing before I had kids. The last 2 decades, that same creative energy has been directed toward helping them orient to life. Homeschooling was great fun and gave me the opportunity to explore with them. Now that they are up and grown and independent, I've been looking around for some outlet to direct that energy toward. Feeding hungry people is what has my interest now.