Saturday, July 10, 2004

I've decided to list my iTunes playlist. It's been a struggle deciding to do this since it's such a personal thing. Do I really want people to know that I sing along to Nas? It's time to bear my soul:

Mornin' by Al Jarreau
Embraceable You, Billie Holiday
They Can't Take That Away, Billie Holiday
God Bless the Child , Billie Holiday
'Taint Nobody's Business if I Do, Billie Holiday
Ain't Misbehavin', Billie Holiday
Stormy Weather, Billie Holiday
Presence of the Lord, Blind Faith
Beautiful, Christina Aguilera
Badge, Cream
I Believe, Fantasia
Grazing in the Grass, Friends of Distinction
I Can, Nas
Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
Killing Me Softly with his Song, Robert Flack
Soak up the Sun, Sheryl Crow
Safe and Sound, Sheryl Crow
Strong Enough, Sheryl Crow
All I Wanna Do, Sheryl Crow
Everybody is a Star, Sly and the Family Stone
Hot Fun in the Summertime, Sly ATFS
Stand! Sly ATFS
Everyday People, Sly ATFS
You Can Make It If You Try, Sly ATFS
Love's in Need of Love Today, Stevie Wonder
Knocks Me off My Feet, Stevie
Pastime Paradise, Stevie
Summer Soft, Stevie
As, Stevie
Fishin' Blues, Taj Mahal and the Pointer Sisters,
Sweet Home Chicago, Taj and the Pointers
You Ain't Much Fun, Toby Keith
Who's That Man, Toby Keith
Who's Your Daddy?, Toby Keith
I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston
I Have Nothing, Whitney
Greatest Love of All, Whitney
the all the Al Green Greatest Hits

Whew! That was cathartic.