Monday, July 12, 2004

That lovely wet, sprinkly, green, lush June is gone and Dry Heat has moved into Colorado. It's 99º outside with 13% humidity. I can put clothes out to dry on the line and they will be finished in 20 minutes. I can go places with wet hair because it will be dry by the time I get there.

We set up the tent in the back yard yesterday. It's too hot to sleep inside and I am resolutely against buying an air conditioner for 3 weeks out of the year. It was cooler and dark and just lovely until the racoons woke me up by rattling around on the porch. At least I think it was racoons. I hope.

We have a week of high temps and no rain. Thank goodness for that wet, sprinkly, green, lush June we had. The reservoirs are full.