Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Recently at the food bank, I took several calls from people who need food. The place where I volunteer is one that provides food to agencies who then provide food to individuals. One lady called for her mom and I gave her a list of numbers to call. Her mom then called back and said no way was she going to call all those people - she didn't know them and anyhow, she's disabled and she needs someone to bring her food now cause her daughter is at work. A guy called in and was getting food stamps that were taken away, then Emergency Family Assistance cut him off, now he needed food. A cheerful lady called to find out where to get food, too. She didn't sound down and out, just cheerfully interested.

I volunteer at a food bank because I think that redistribution of food would handle a lot of the problems on this planet. I'm a vendor in some large grocery stores locally and I see food dumped in the trash bin Every Single Day. And meanwhile, all people starve in the Sudan. The problem with volunteering in this food bank, is that most of the people I see come in are chubby or at least not thin. The two people above who called are probably worried about getting food, but they had attitude, you know? I imagine that the people in the Sudan are hungry without attitude. But I'm going to continue helping out as a push in the general direction. Maybe some of these chubby hungry people will feel satisfied enough to turn around and help some other hungry people who are not so chubby.