Thursday, October 21, 2004

We went to see "Fahrenhype 911" tonight with Sweetie, a showing put on by the College Republicans. A soldier who Moore used in his film, the amputee, said he had never met Moore and no one asked his permission to include his interview. The interview was with Brian Williams (NBC) and the guy was talking about the phantom pains he had as an amputee. The families of 2 other soldiers spoke, saying they were peeved at the way their loved ones had been portrayed by Moore. The soldiers couldn't speak for themselves since they are dead.

I voted yesterday and there was a line even that early. The election is over for me, just waiting for the rest of the votes to be counted.

And still waiting for that little black roly poly puppy to come into my life. And her name is Roxy, by the way, not Wennie. November 10.