Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sugar and I went swimming at the spiffy remodeled rec center down the street. The water wasn't too cold to enjoy! The warm water kiddie area has a tube slide but there are too many twists and turns for me. One corner forces an involuntary laugh out of the slider and you have to know to hold your nose at the end or else you'll get the water up it.

A new friend, Ginny, took me to Curves to try it out. It was ok. There is no aesthetic to it - just a big room with a bunch of equipment in it with canned music playing that includes prompts every 30 seconds to change to another piece of equipment. I worked out for free while Ginny got the free facial. That one is too far away for me so I dropped in to the north location. Not for me really but I need to do something after they weighed me and measured my body fat percentage. Luckily, I found a Chamber of Commerce discount for the lovely rec center that would equal the amount I would pay for the Curves membership.

The good news is that have directed my attention to being healthy and it's not even the new year yet.

Gettin my Christmas music fix from KOST in LA.