Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We didn't go to LA as planned due to some unfinished child-raising work but we did get to Glenwood Springs for a good thorough soak. In the 50s down here - we encountered snowy roads coming out of Eisenhower Tunnel and snow flurries around Copper Mountain. Vail Pass was icy and snowpacked and Glenwood was cloudy and cold. No matter - the water was 90º and 104º.

What I love about this pool in cool weather is the air just above the water. Early today, Sugar couldn't find me for the thick gray fog hovering just above the surface. At times, when the air is right, little swirls of wind - little tornados - dance down the pool.

Lots of people there from other countries. We have a good international mix here, but we kept running into other languages and accents all over the place there.

Great little one tank trip.