Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sugar and I are home again just in time for Thanksgiving with Honey and Sweetie.

We took a 10 day trip to LA: drove the southern route through NM and AZ to avoid a snow storm in the mountains. That route is much better on the train for me, though I did enjoy the leg from Flagstaff into Hollywood. This trip was short but intense in terms of moving leaps and bounds toward where I want to go. I could spend half my time in East Hollywood at ASHO, but going back and forth is really a pleasure. We drove back via NV and UT and UT was spectacular. It wasn't too long ago that I thought it was all just brown dirt. Was I ever wrong.

Roxie and Hansel were thrilled to see us when we got back and I was thrilled to see how clean the house was and how well my sons handled everything while were were gone. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Hotel Boulderado big buffet which was very nice for all. Honey went on to work the T'giving feast at his resturant, the rest of us strolled the Pearl Street Mall for a bit. Then we came back home for sleeping (for the guys) and struggling with the new Blogger Beta version for a blog for the Scientology Mission in Boulder. A little Broncos/Chief football, some "Grey's Anatomy" and now Hansel is saying it's time for some lap time.

Nice to be home