Sunday, January 28, 2007

After I got into town (an hour early on Amtrak), I asked Victor if I could ride with him to his next pick-up. He was happy to have the company so we went out Ventura Hwy to the San Fernando Valley and cut south at some point. I saw the Getty Museum and now have an understanding of what an outing that will be. Went into a Ralph's for the first time, very much like spiffy King Sooper's at home. On the way back, we dropped some people off in Pasadena and I saw something called 'Bungalow Row", a street that is cared about and preserved by the owners. We saw a cool bridge going into Pasadena that I'll have to investigate and we went by a park near the Rose Bowl which gave me the strongest deja vu I've had in a long time.

Ok, this is all fine, but this is funny to me:

We cut through Atwater Village and ended up on Franklin Avenue over the Shakespeare Bridge (I've wanted to see that for some time) and right after the bridge, we passed a dead skunk in the road. And this is all funny because I've learned about this area from reading "Franklin Avenue" and "Atwater Village Newbie" and the now defunct "Skunks of Los Feliz", blogs. You had to be there in my head - yes, the skunk wasn't on Los Feliz but so what.

And another funny thing is that the other passengers in the car going out and coming back were from Boulder. Small world, indeed.