Saturday, January 13, 2007

I have this son who is turning 22 tomorrow and with that, he is on the road to 30. This is the first year that I've not had the feeling, "If he's that old, I must be getting old." There's a disconnect. Yes, I know I made his body and raised him but he's over there and I'm over here now; from momandson to mom and son. I value his friendship and attention.

Oh, I forgot to crab about Flat Iron Subaru. I took our Outback in for a winterizing tuneup and ended up paying $1500 for all this necessary crap. Yes, brakes need fixing and the timing belt does shred after 105,000 miles, but you know, I could have used some better customer service. We took it in at 10am, found out at noon that the timing belt would need replacing ($400), called at 3:30 to find out that it would be ready at 5:45. At 5:30, I found out we needed the brakes and pump replaced and they hadn't done diddly squat. The service manager did give me a loaner after I ramped up into low level hysteria. All I'm saying is, when the bill is $1200 over what I expected and the work isn't even started by the time I come to pick it up, don't get defensive, ok? Since then, we found out that Pete Dinstuhl does Subaru so that's where we'll go next time.