Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweetie had an unfortunate encounter with an elk late one night in Southern Colorado recently and our Subaru is now suffering. It's been at Abra in Boulder for almost a week and after they dismantled it, we heard it would take about 6K to repair it. State Farm now decides if it's worth the money.

I liked the Outback well enough, but it was the most expensive car I've ever had. We got a good price through AAA but the upkeep was ridiculous. I'm considering returning to my Honda roots when we get another one.

Luckily, Enterprise on Valmont in Boulder is giving us a great deal on a rental. We discovered the 'body shop discount' after calling Hertz - long story short, we just decided to keep the Enterprise compact.

Summer is arriving this week with temps in the high 80's. The Boulder Creek Festival is this weekend starting with a concert at Twenty-Ninth Street (Nina Storey) and they'll have Saturday concerts all summer. 29th Street events have a different feel than Pearl Street Mall events but the parking seems to be a LOT better.