Thursday, May 29, 2008

I was at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder office yesterday and decided to be an election judge, not really on a whim but somewhat on a whim.   I asked about the duties, mumbling something about doing the job with integrity, wondering if that was the sort of thing they were looking for.  The woman said, "We don't have integrity anymore."


I laughed and asked (in disbelief), "You don't have integrity?"

No, she insisted.  We used to have integrity but we don't now.  Then she burst out laughing when she realized what I was asking.  They don't use a program called "Integrity" in the office.  Who knows what the name of the new program is:  Dishonor?  Dishonesty?  No, I doubt it but it was a good laugh.

I think this is the election of a lifetime and a good one to launch the civic duty phase of my life.