Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I worked the CU game on Saturday so missed the Saturday Sky post. It's enough to say that it was grey and dreary until the game was over then it was hazy blue and white.

This summer has been a ride. June in LA seems like last year. July was so friggin' hot and we worked on so many projects and Honey was gone and not in touch and Sugar was out working most of the time. The crews have changed and new people are here but the feel of the business has changed from the inside out. From the vantage point of mid-summer, autumn usually looks like an ending to me but in reality, so much starts when the sun slants back South.

Now Honey is back home for a while,telling us about his life and planning to go to LA with me later; Sweetie is back in school and sounds great; Sugar is continuing to enjoy life and is also going to meet me in LA later this month.

I finished "Stategery". Now I'm working on "Ender's Shadow" again, knitting some scarves, found a meat market to replace the blend for the dogs that the Raw Food lady used to provide, starting "House" tonight, painting our bedroom, working the games, finished the garden planting for the year, still doing cards. Really looking forward to being back in East Hollywood though I hope the heat wave disappears by then.