Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yesterday, working the pre-game at CU, the wind was everywhere! I completely forget about those 40 mile/hr gusts that whip up on clear, sunny fall days. I also forget about those golden globes of leaves and how vivid fall flowers are. Ok, I'm resigned to fall's arrival.

When Sweetie bought himself a fancy new laptop, we got our little toy-like iBook back. It was a tiny one that doesn't have much room or speed to do anything. I've been wanting to take a lap top to LA when I go, so Honey went with me to the Mac Shack and we picked up a newer, speedier one that was set up for wireless. It would have been $250 to upgrade the other one and we got $125 credit for the old one so the $700 cost really was 1/2 that. I've only used it to be online during "Law and Order" up in the TV cave, but it's still pretty fun.

Speaking of "Law and Order", WHERE HAVE I BEEN?? I'm addicted to the 'Criminal Intent' version and lucky me: re-runs play on USA, TBS and Bravo as well as the ones on NBC. What with "Boston Legal" and "L & O", my Tuesday nights are pretty well sewed up for the winter.

Anyway, it's close to 7pm and the sun is going down a full hour later than it did the last time I noticed. I'll end with some pics of my lovely 4 o'clocks and my lovely lovies against a Saturday Sky: