Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Walking the dogs at night now means dusk and cool air. Today the sun's rays were yellowish like they are when a fire is nearby. Yesterday, a sight I'm unaccustomed to appeared: dew on the car. Mabon is right around the corner.

I found the word petrichor a while back and enjoy having a name for it to go along with the experience. Where is a word for the smell of clothes that have dried outside on a clothes line? During the summer, everything goes outside to dry and the scent is so delicious. It's so fresh and pure and promising and suggestive of LIFE!

Sometime I want to write about this change of life having to deal with adult children. Honey is really giving me a straight up lesson in dealing with this new role. I want to come to comfortable conclusions about the situation and he keeps presenting new challenges. He is calling into play all these people tools that I've been accumulating over the years and seeing if I really understand how to work with them.

This little girl is so beautiful.